Welcome to Pack 25!

We are a Family Pack based out of Pleasant Ridge Montessori in Pleasant Ridge, Cincinnati, OH since 2014. We meet every other Thursday from 6pm-7pm. Holidays may change that schedule during certain months.

The Pack has several Dens that contain scouts from one age/grade group. Some activities will be Den specific and others for the entire Pack.

Most Pack meetings are in the Cafetorium of Pleasant Ridge Montessori. This allows us to deliver a larger program and to recognize the scouts that have completed advancements during the past months.

The Pack also plans multiple special activities. Some such as Spook-o-ree, Scout Sunday, Pinewood Derby, Blue and Gold Banquet, and Family Camp are things we do each year.

We would love to meet you and welcome your family into our Pack. We accept all scouts starting in Kindergarten who start off in the Lion Den through 5th Grade. See our Ranks and Adventures page for more information about how scouts learn new skills and have new adventures as they advance through ranks.

Parents, leaders, and organizations work together to achieve the purposes of Cub Scouting. Families are a core part of Cub Scouts and are included in many activities. Parents have the opportunity to be Den leaders, Assistant Den leaders, Cub Master, Assistant Cub Master, and Committee Members, as well as helping with Pack events.